Fire Extinguisher Training

Click to view the YouTube video, Portable Fire Extinguisher Training. Employers may use this free OSHA training tutorial to help meet OSHA requirements to provide an educational program on portable extinguishers in the workplace. Covers proper selection, the PASS method, and hazards associated with incipient stage fire-fighting. Use as initial training for new hires and the mandatory annual refresher training. May be used by non-profit safety organizations to share with their members too.

Published on Oct 27, 2014

Radiation Safety

Click to view the YouTube video, which is approximately 20 minutes long. When done, click on the certificate of completion.  This document will download as a pdf.  Open, enter your name and date, then print off and submit to your supervisor.

Proper use of C-Arm (annually for all current OR staff and also upon orientation for new OR staff)

Below are parts 1 and 2 YouTube videos related to the OEC (big) CArm.  Click to view the two YouTube videos.


Violence Prevention Program – Updated August 2018

Do you know what to do in the event of an active shooter? The “Run. Hide. Fight.®” video and pdf provide the information you need to survive an active shooter event

Click on the link to view the pdf and watch the video.  Email Jennifer when finished.

PDF: Run-Hide-Fight

Video created by HealthEast

Provation MD

Provation MD is our newest software specifically for our endoscopy procedures.  Your PowerUsers are Lori Larsen, Jane Peters, and Tracey Eakman!  To finish off the PowerUser training, there was a jeopardy game.  The PowerUsers thought it was very helpful, so we are giving all a chance to play!!  Please note: many of the answers are done on the test Provation MD test platform!  Remember to answer with a question 😉

Let’s Play Jeopardy!

Safe Practices for Medical Injections

View the video, review Policy 7022, and review the FAQs.  Once completed, notify your supervisor to schedule the competency portion of the training.  Ask your supervisor if you have any questions.

Seed Loc Safety Training

Please review the Seed Loc Safety Training and then print out the quiz, complete it and return it to your supervisor.

Seed Loc Training

Seed Loc Quiz

3M Health Care Academy: Current warming guidelines: What you need to know!

Once you have completed the training, please email Jen Cornelius at

Current Warming Guidelines

Chart Documentation

The MMIC Education PowerPoint on Chart Documentation is listed below, plus three of the ASC policies from our manual. K:\ASC Policy Manual\Sect 1000, document #1003, 1003a, and 1003b.

Fire Prevention –Perioperative Practice Setting

The goal of this learning activity is to educate perioperative RNs about fire safety in the perioperative practice setting.  Review the training document, take the quiz, print it out; open the certificate, sign, print it out; submit the quiz and certificate to your supervisor.

Radiation Sweep with a Geiger Counter

North Memorial Health Care has given permission to share this radiation sweep training with NMASC.  When you are finished with the training, open the Seed Radiation Quiz document, answer the questions, print out, and submit to your supervisor.

Radiation Sweep Training

Safe Patient Handling

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