Employee Health

Policy 10001 Employee Health and Occupational Concerns

Located at k:\asc policy manual\Section 10000 Employee Health


2001 Exposure Control Plan

2010 Occupational Exposure Policy

2011 Emergency Eye Wash Stations

Located k:\asc policy manual\Section 2000

  • SDS Contact Information 1-800 Phone Number on a yellow sticker on all phones in patient care areas.
  • 3 Emergency Eye Wash Stations: 1 Endoscopy Scope Room; 1 SPD Decontamination Room; 1 SPD Clean Side

Infection Control

Quality and Risk Management Plan 2022

QI Annual Work Plan 2022

Infection Control Plan 2022

9002 Infection Prevention Standard Precautions

NMASC COVID Plan for Elective Surgery 3.2022

Once you have review the above information, take the QAPI Quiz below and return to HR.

Patient Safety/Risk Management

K:\drive ASC Policy Manual Section 3000 and Risk Management Folder

Code Blue – Review the link and you tube video below:

(This video is 21 minutes long and has lots of good information.  Once you have completed viewing it, please click on the test below.)

After reviewing the two links above, complete the quiz below.  When completed, print out and turn in to your Laurie.

Malignant Hyperthermia

Review the link and you tube video below:

This video is about 13 minutes in length.  After you are finished viewing, take the test below.  When completed, print out and turn in to your supervisor.

Disaster Plan

Disaster Manuals are located at each workstation throughout the ASC (Orange 3 ring binder)

Run Hide Fight

Run Hide Fight You Tube

After review of above, please print, sign/date, and return to Laurie.