Insurance and Medical Billing

The medical billing office can answer any questions pertaining to your medical billing statement, payment plans, and help with all financial questions.

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Medical Billing Office: 877-306-8485

*For CPT codes required by insurance companies, please call your surgeon’s office directly.

Obtaining Estimates of Charges

There will be multiple people caring for you during your surgery. In addition to your surgeon and nurse(s), you may also be taken care of by our anesthesia staff (i.e., anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetists). Our anesthesia staff is a part of Anesthesiology, P.A. and invoice separately from the facility & surgeon. If there is a need for pathology, durable medical equipment, radiology, etc., those charges will be billed separately as well.  All in all, you may receive up to four bills after your surgery.

Facility Charges: Contact our billing office at (877) 306-8485.

Anesthesia Charges: Contact Anesthesiology, P.A. at (763) 852-0407.

  • For cosmetic estimates or prepayments, call Wendy direct at 763-852-0434.   If she is unavailable, you can call  (763) 559-3779 and you will be directed to the appropriate person.

Surgeon’s Fee: Contact your surgeon’s clinic directly.

The surgery center is part of the North Memorial Outpatient Center, a North Memorial health facility located on Hospital Drive in Maple Grove, just north of I-94 and Maple Grove Parkway. The campus also includes a medical office building housing primary care and specialty care physicians and the new Maple Grove Hospital.

If you or a family member needs a same-day surgical procedure, ask your physician about going to North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center in Maple Grove.