Inservice Videos

Pharmaceutical Waste – Stericycle

A meeting was held regarding proper waste procedures for pharmaceuticals (medications).  Darrell Oman and Peter Schmitt of SteriCycle hosted.   Please see the YouTube video of that meeting.


Pharmaceutical Waste – Stericycle

Sling Shot Shoulder Immobilizer

Sarah Docken, Twin Cities Orthopedics, came to the ASC with a very valuable in-service on the Sling Shot Shoulder Immobilizer sometimes used after shoulder surgery.  The session was recorded and can be found at the link below.  In the attached pictures, Sarah is modeling placement of the immobilizer.

youtube-icon-redSling Shot Shoulder Immobilizer


Ambu ACTion Block Pump Inservice

Nick Scaramuzzo from Ambu presented this inservice on the ACTion Block Pump – May 9, 2016

youtube-icon-redAmbu ACTion Block Pump Inservice

Hoyer Lift Inservice

Nick Halpin with MedCare Lifts

youtube-icon-red   Education Video


Radiation Sweep Training

Mason  Moline,  with Maple Grove Hospital’s Nuclear Medicine, presented training on Radiation Sweep.  Please view the YouTube video below:

youtube-icon-redRadiation Sweep