Meet Dr. Sage!

Dr. Sage is a board-certified Gastroenterologist with special interests in Interventional Endoscopy/ERCP, Gastrointestinal Oncology, Diseases of the Pancreas and Biliary system and inflammatory bowel disease management.

He believes in providing excellent clinical care combined with the utmost respect and humanity. He strives to meet his customers’ needs, whether consulting over the phone or at the hospital bedside; his priority is to make sure each customer has a wonderful experience.

In his free time, Dr. Sage enjoys watching movies, playing tennis, weight lifting and spending time with family.

Dr. Yamaguchi – Pain Management

Dr. Mark Yamaguchi is board certified in pain management and anesthesiology with fellowship training in pain management. Dr. Yamaguchi believes in a cohesive and integrated approach to address chronic pain disorders.

Special Expertise is in non-operative spine (low back and neck pain) and fluoroscopically guided injections for low back and neck pain.

The North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center welcomes Dr. Yamaguchi!

New Spine Surgeon at the ASC!

Jeffrey C. Dick, MD specializes in treating mechanical and neurological disorders of the spine, neck, and back. Special interests include complex neck surgery, adult and pediatric spinal deformity and low back surgery.

Dr. Dick feels that it is important that his patients understand the cause of their spinal condition and the possible treatments available to them. He feels that full recovery requires teamwork between him and his patients.

North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center welcomes Dr. Dick!

Meet Dr. Dahl

North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center welcomes Jason Dahl, MD!

Dr. Dahl is a fellowship trained hand and upper extremity surgeon, originally from Duluth, MN. He fin
ished his medical school and residency training on the east coast, and recently completed his Hand and Microvascular Surgery Fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle. He specializes in conditions of the hand, wrist, and elbow in both adults and children.

Dr. Dahl’s personal interests include trail running, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing.

Paul Yakshe, MD

Welcome to Dr. Paul Yakshe, born in Virginia and raised in Pennsylvania. He graduated from Hahnemann Medical School in 1984 with distinction for continued excellence in the field of Medicine. He completed his Fellowship in Gastroenterology at Georgetown University Medical Center and was selected for an additional year of training in advanced therapeutic endoscopy. In 2001, Dr. Yakshe left academic medicine and founded Platinum Health, LLC, where he functions as an independent solo gastroenterologist in private practice. He is a certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and he was recently honored as a Top Doctor by his colleagues in the July 2015 issue of Minneapolis-St. Paul

Welcome to Dr. Gregory T. Mesna!

Dr. Mesna has lived in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area his entire life. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in chemistry at St. Olaf College in Northfield, he went on to study dentistry and medicine at the University of Minnesota. He received a Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1985, followed by his Medical Doctorate in 1989. He continued his internship and residency in general surgery and then narrowed his focus by participating in a plastic surgery residency and fellowship program from 1993 to 1996. After Dr. Mesna became a fully-qualified plastic surgeon, he opened his Minneapolis-area practice in 1996.

He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and maintains membership with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons.

When he is not at work, Dr. Mesna enjoys playing golf and tennis, as well as coaching his children in various sports.

Scott, Total Hip Replacement Patient

NMASC’s Total Hip Replacement Patient
Scott 54 from Maple Grove, MN

On March 27, 2015, Dr. Andrew Arthur performed a Rotator Cuff repair and Anterior Hip Replacement on Scott, a small business owner. As Scott says, he “Tried for BOGO!”

For fun, Scott enjoys Golf, Basketball, Swimming, Biking, Running, and Tennis, basically all Sports.

He wrote that his recovery included sleepless nights, “but that is ok, got to take naps during the day. Recovery was and can be painful, it’s tough to get fired up to endure pain, but it is well worth it.”

When asked what he is hoping to be able to do after surgery, he responded, “No hoping, WILL. I want to do everything I was doing before, however, without any PAIN!” The North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center “over simplified the entire process, from admittance, to pre-op, to the operations, to post-op, to discharge, to after care follow-up. I had zero surprises. The entire staff genuinely seems to like what they do, and they are very good at what they do!”

Deb’s Total Hip Replacement

DEBDebra, 63, from North Minneapolis, MN

In January of 2015, Dr. Jonathan Asp performed a total hip replacement procedure on Debra, a receptionist/accounting assistant.

“After the meeting I attended the week before my surgery, the North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center made me feel so well informed. The staff was amazing. They talked me through every step of the way, letting me know what would happen next.”

“My recovery went much better than I expected. The first three days were rough, but starting on the 4th day I was feeling much better and doing quite well. By my first post-op appointment with my surgeon, I was dropped off at the clinic door and I was able to walk in using just a cane.”

“I am able to walk without pain. That was my goal. I can take my dogs for longer walks again. I am also looking forward to gardening and yard work!”

When asked what she likes to do for fun, she replied, “Play with my grandchildren! I have missed getting down on the floor and playing with them at their level. I enjoy walking my dogs, knitting, reading, and getting together with cousins to learn new sewing techniques. I have had a fairly low-activity lifestyle due to the now-replaced hip, and two bad knees. It’s great to be able to be more active again.”

Welcome Dr. Jason Barry!

Dr. Jason A. Barry, MD is a sports medicine fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in total joints, fracture care and general orthopedics. His special interests include ACL reconstruction and arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and hip.