Scott, Total Hip Replacement Patient

NMASC’s Total Hip Replacement Patient
Scott 54 from Maple Grove, MN

On March 27, 2015, Dr. Andrew Arthur performed a Rotator Cuff repair and Anterior Hip Replacement on Scott, a small business owner. As Scott says, he “Tried for BOGO!”

For fun, Scott enjoys Golf, Basketball, Swimming, Biking, Running, and Tennis, basically all Sports.

He wrote that his recovery included sleepless nights, “but that is ok, got to take naps during the day. Recovery was and can be painful, it’s tough to get fired up to endure pain, but it is well worth it.”

When asked what he is hoping to be able to do after surgery, he responded, “No hoping, WILL. I want to do everything I was doing before, however, without any PAIN!” The North Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center “over simplified the entire process, from admittance, to pre-op, to the operations, to post-op, to discharge, to after care follow-up. I had zero surprises. The entire staff genuinely seems to like what they do, and they are very good at what they do!”